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Before and After

Before: SOOC.

I had the WB set wrong so it turned out very orange.  It was the only shot of the 3 I took that was in focus so I needed to fix it.



I adjusted the white balance in Lightroom to the florescent and it really helped.  I few minor adjustments to the exposure and the recovery and fill light gave me a photo I really like now.


Thanks to Pixel Perfect for hosting this Before and After challenge:


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A Tough Morning

It is only 9am and I already feel like I have been through the wringer this morning.  It all started by sleeping through my alarm clock.  I normally have 2 alarms in the morning.  My cell phone is set for 6am and I put it right next to the bed.  I take my temp with that alarm.  Then the normal alarm clock starts going off at 6:30.  I am typically up and in the shower by 6:45.

Last night I left my cell phone in the living room.  Mistake #1.  So when the normal alarm started going off at 6:30 I took my temp and didn’t get out of bed till after 7am.  I went in the shower, then Mr. B gets up.  He failed to mention he was working early today.  He rushes in & out of the shower, gets dressed and leaves.

I still have 2 kids to wake up and get ready, plus myself.  Miss G get’s up fairly easily.  Little A, not so much.  I pull off the blankets to find that he had an accident.  Now not only is he asleep still, but he needs a shower as well.  This is when my battle began.  It takes 20 minutes to get him undressed and in the shower.

I get dressed quickly and check on Miss G.  When I get back to the shower I find Little A standing in the back of the shower, not even wet.  My patience are slowly slipping away.  In a moment of brilliant parenting, I take the shower sprayer and start rinsing him off.  I give up on soap or shampoo at this point.  My loving and tender way of helping (cough cough) send him into a downward spiral and he starts screaming and crying.  GREAT! Now I have a wet child refusing to leave the shower.   I wrap him in a towel and proceed to brush Miss G’s hair.  I quickly run the brush thru my hair as well, tossing aside the thought of blow drying it today.

Now I start the battle of getting him dressed.  He is refusing at this point to dress himself.  It feels like I am wrestling an octopus. His arms are flailing and his legs are kicking.  After another few minutes of our wrestling match my patience are totally gone.  I then realize we have to leave.  NOW! The bell at school will ring in less than 15 minutes and it takes about 5 to drive there.  I gather all my strength and attempt to carry my almost 60lb child out the front door…. with no clothes on.  Yes, I am completely rational at this point (cough cough).

Miss G goes out to the van and waits.  At least she isn’t adding to my stress.  I feel bad that she may very well end up with a tardy because of Little A’s behavior.  As I try to open the front door to follow her out, Little A wiggles out of my arms and runs to the bathroom, and LOCKS it.  He knows that this is the only doorknob (besides my bedroom door) that locks from the inside and I have no way to unlock it.  If he had ran to my bedroom and locked the door I have a key for that one. He is trying to out smart me now.

Can you sense my panic level yet?

Like any sane and rational hormonal woman on day 6 of her cycle, I call Mr.B and blame it all on him.  It is his fault that Little A isn’t following my directions and has locked himself in the bathroom.  I am completely convinced that if Mr. B hadn’t left early for work, that I wouldn’t be dealing with this situation.  RIGHT, who am I kidding, I am just picking another fight because now I am losing control.  I hang up the phone. I have 5 minutes before the bell rings.

I take Little A’s clothes and put them outside the bathroom door.  I tell him I am taking Miss G to school, and I walk out the front door closing it behind me.  I walk to the van, get in and start it. Is this really a smart idea?  Is this gonna work? What if it doesn’t, am I still going to drive off? I back out the driveway.

Then I see his little head poking out the front door.  I park the van and go in for one last hurrah, hoping that he will get dressed this time.  Luckily he does, but as I look at the clock I realize the bell at school is ringing.  They are late.  FAB U LOUS!

Miss G is quiet in the seat behind me on the drive to school.  I feel bad for her.  She doesn’t deserve the tardy.  She got dressed, followed directions and was ready to go at the correct time.  I look back in the mirror at Little A.  He is scowling at me, like it is MY fault he has been fighting with me for the last 40 minutes.  Mothering FAIL.

I pull into the school parking lot, at least they are not the only kids running into the school.  I have a glimmer of hope that the secretary will just wave them past and tell them to get to class.  They both get out of the van.  Miss G runs in with the other kids, Little A just walks a little fast.  I finally let out the breath that I have been holding and drive off to work.  It is just another morning with a special needs child.

Hi, I am AZMamma. I have a son with a Sensory Processing Disorder, and this is my life.

How did your day start?

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Super Sized Saturday, pt 2

I apologize, this post was supposed to go up last week while I was out of town. Obviously that didn’t happen.  If you don’t remember or missed part 1, go take a moment and catch up on the crazy day that was Saturday April 3rd!

After leaving the fair and shopping at Ross, I was hungry and decided to “treat” the kids to Taco Bell. We have 2 in town. One was on the way home from the Mall. I pulled up to the drive-thru window and ordered 5 crunchy tacos. I was not expecting the employee to respond by saying “I am sorry we are out of crunchy tacos.”

Say What?!?!? How is Taco Bell out of Tacos on a Saturday afternoon? I said “Okay, thanks.” Then drove off towards Taco Bell #2 which was out of the way, but still close by my house. I had no problems at Taco Bell #2, hooray! Time to head home.

I did some general chores, laundry and web surfing before it was time to head out to Mom’s house for the egg dying. Did I forget to mention that I didn’t boil the eggs? OPPS! We headed over early so that I could boil the eggs and set up before my parent’s got home. At least I took step by step pictures of the process!!

Step One: Boil Eggs
We had a minor incident on the drive over that resulted in a few cracked eggs. (Stupid teenage driver trying to whip a u-turn in front of me) So we ended up with 27 eggs total. I didn’t want to mess them up so I followed a recipe/directions from Tasty Kitchen.  Yes, I needed a recipe to boil eggs. I failed never took Home Economics.

Step Two: Set Up
I covered the new butcher block island so Dad wouldn’t freak out if the dye got spilled. I did a layer of parchment paper and then a layer of paper towels. The set out the plastic cups to get the dye ready.

Step Three: Prepare the Dye
Went to the cupboard to grab the vinegar. There was none. OPPS #2! A quick call to my parent’s and they said they would pick it up on the way home. Mom also told me to switch out the plastic cups and use her white mugs.

Step Three (take two): Prepare the Dye
The box had said 9 colors but there was 12 tablets. I guess we bought the pack with the “Bonus Neon Colors”

Step Four: Make a Mess Dye the Eggs

Step Five: Admire Our Creations

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Super Sized Saturday, pt 1

Friday evening I drove the 2 1/2 hours (each way) to pick up the kids.  It had been a full week since I had seen them last, and I couldn’t wait to give them great big hugs.  The drive was very uneventful and I made good time.  I will admit to having a slight lead foot during these drives.  The faster the drive goes, the better in my opinion.  I was alone on the trip which made the ride up lonely and the ride down a little hectic.  The kids want stuff and I can’t turn around to help them.  I definitely prefer when Mr. B comes along (cuz then he drives and I get to sleep)

Saturday was super-sized for sure.  Here is the quick recap:

  • Fair
  • Shopping
  • Easter Egg Coloring
  • Laundry

First on the list for the day was to go to the Fair. It was the only day that the kids would be able to go since they had been gone all week.  Mr. B had to work so I took the kids on my own.  We went fairly early in the day to try and avoid some of the crowds and heat.  The kids really had a blast.  Miss G has decided that she wants to join 4-H after seeing the cakes and home economics projects.

I had procrastinated before the fair and never bought the pre-sale carnival tickets.  Instead I ended up paying $28 for 40 ride tickets.  Each kid got to ride about 5 rides.  Miss G is just under the 42″ for most of the rides, so they stuck to doing a lot of the fun houses and of course the big slide.

We didn’t eat a lot of the typical fair junk food.  A lot of it makes Little A feel sick and Miss G is picky about her food.  Little A ended up asking for a hot dog and then they both had a snow cone.  Miss G usually gets cherry flavored stuff when given the choice. I was very surprised when at the window she asked for the lime snow cone.  Her reasoning for the choice was too cute … it matched her outfit!

We headed out from the fair after about 3 hours.  The sun was high in the sky at that point.  There was little to no shade and no breeze at all.  I was hot and sweaty,  the kids were starting to get whine, and we were all just basically D-O-N-E!

On the way home we had to make a pit stop at the mall.  I still didn’t have anything to wear to church on Sunday morning for Easter.  I had bought the kids outfits about a month ago, but had not found anything that I liked.  I stopped at Lane Bryant first and the only outfit I liked in the store would have cost over $100.  Moving on!!

I went over to Ross which can be hit or miss.  I have found some great dresses at our local Ross.  The major downfall is that the store is NEVER in order. It always feels like a huge garage sale.  Sizes are not in order and chaos runs amock.  Is it like this at all Ross locations?  I went searched the dress racks high and low.  I looked in the size above mine and below as well as the other side of the aisle. You never know where a dress will be shoved.  I didn’t find anything I liked, definitely nothing with blue or yellow to match the kids.  I went over to the skirts and tops section.  I actually never saw a skirt in my size range, so really I was just looking at tops.  Why do designers think that plus sizes need to all look like mini tents?  None of the shirts had any appeal to say the least.   Then I saw it. Stuck between some sweaters in a size above what I currently wear.  I cute little yellow shrug.  The gears in my head began to turn.  I had a dress at home that has been in the back of the closet since my “Girl’s Night Out” before the wedding.  It was black and white.  Could I wear the yellow and look ok? Would I just be a huge bumblebee? A call to my BFF was in order!

As I began to look for a shirt for Mr. B, she and I discussed the outfit.  We decided it could work.  Then I found a nice Chaps button down for Mr. B.  It was a blue, black and white plaid.  PERFECT!  We were out of there. Only spent $28.00 of my $50.00 budget.  Hallelujah!

Time to head home for something to eat and to get some laundry in before we went to dye eggs.  I think the egg dying deserves a post of it’s own!

How did you spend your Saturday? Was it full or activity or a day of rest?

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Spring Break

The kids are on Spring Break … so is the rest of town.  Spring Break in this part of the desert means it is time for the Fair!

Normally the kids would be spending this time with me so that they can enjoy the fair.  This year we switched around a little so they had time with their dad, time here for the fair and could still head to the Nascar Races with us next week.

Needless to say the house has been quiet.  Mr. B has been working and so I have been home alone.  The first day or so the quiet is nice.  I can watch my TV shows without interruption and can scrapbook to my hearts desire.  I used to not stay home at all when the kids were gone.  I would spend time with friends or at my parent’s house.  Little by little I am more comfortable being there without them.  I go and pick them up tomorrow afternoon, then we will hit the fair on Saturday.

In infertility news … I took my first Met pill last night with dinner.  No side effects as of right now.  I also remembered to pop my gummy vites this morning.  I need to get some pre-natals as well, but these are easy for me to take.  The diet change has gradually started but will not be full force until after Nascar.  I did manage to cut my soda consumption yesterday  and today in half!

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Such a LONG day

Just popping on for a minute … the two kids switched rooms. today. The houses is a mess, my back is sore and the work is only about half done. SIGH

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Monday (T- Minus 5 days) was also Labor day. I didn’t have work and the kids didn’t have school. While my mom and I worked around the outside of the house, the kids swam in the pool (and the hired cleaning lady cleaned the inside of the house). When my dad got home from work, he started on his “To Do” list. The most important thing to get done was to seal the Teak table that my mom got this summer. They had not put it together or used it because of all the other wedding preparations. Now the table had to be sealed because we needed to use it for the food buffet at the wedding.

Since the seal was simply teak oil that had to be “painted” on the table, my dad let the kids help. They put on a plastic glove, grabbed a foam brush and got to work. My dad gave them the task of getting into all the little groves and corners his hands would not fit into. It worked out really well.

We ate on that very table Thursday night, Friday night and the used it for the wedding on Saturday. It is fun that they kids will always have the memory of contributing something to the wedding.

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