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Red Rose


This week’s theme for Raw(e) is Red.  I love the red roses in my mom’s backyard.  I tried to get a fantastic photo, but this is the best that I got.

I love this challenge because you can’t edit the photos.  They have to be completely untouched, unedited and uncropped.


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Color Splash Sunday: Pink

I totally meant to put this post up on Sunday!  WHOOPS!  I had the perfect photo for the pink week!


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Before and After

Before: SOOC.

I had the WB set wrong so it turned out very orange.  It was the only shot of the 3 I took that was in focus so I needed to fix it.



I adjusted the white balance in Lightroom to the florescent and it really helped.  I few minor adjustments to the exposure and the recovery and fill light gave me a photo I really like now.


Thanks to Pixel Perfect for hosting this Before and After challenge:

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You Capture – Fresh

This is my “You Capture” photo for the week. The theme is “Fresh” this week.

I am sure I could find other photos on my flickr account that would work, but I like this one. This is Little A’s “fresh” haircut, only a few minutes old.  Of course he wouldn’t turn to the camera. Why would he want to do that LOL.

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Photo Story Friday at the races

As you may know from reading,  last Friday we were in Phoenix for the Nascar races.  Friday night was the night the Nationwide series raced.  This is my Photo Story Friday about that night.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Mamarazzi

Miss G was all set and ready to go

She looked out over the crowds in anticipation to watch the driver’s  race.

She got up on her grandpa’s knee and put on her trusty ear protection from the loud roars of the cars zooming past.

Then promptly fell asleep before the first green flag was waved to start the race.

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I found a new photography challenge.  I need to start a list so I can remember what pictures to take.  I love learning to take better photos IN my camera instead of editing them with photoshop and/or lightroom.   This challenge is all about being RAW and I love it. Head over to Sailor & Company to link up your shoe photos as well.

This week’s theme is shoes and I knew I had already taken the perfect photo.  I don’t remember editing this photo other than converting it to a jpeg in lightroom so I could upload it.  These are the sandals that the “Easter Bunny” put in Miss G’s basket this year.  I love how pink and sparkly they are.

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This week’s photo challenge at I Faces is “I heart desserts” I love this photo from our Easter dessert … the chocolate fountain.

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