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After getting a fews commenst about wanting to know how everything turned out, I have decided to write out my story with Dolly Couture and my “custom” dress.

After my last post with the 2nd seamstress I hoped that I would show up and magically find all the flaws worked out of my dress. I did not 😦 I put on my dress and mom zipped it up. My arms easily fit in the arm holes thanks to the magic of the seamstress. Unfortunately, the shoulders still felt like they were falling down most of the time. The bust was sewn/tacked together but it is still SO low cut. I am afraid to move around the kids because I think someone is gonna get a full view of the girls.

Mom and I tried to pull the bust together, but it wouldn’t move anymore. I have room to take the waist in also, but the zipper won’t be able to move if we take it in. I did not feel thinner or pretty or beautiful in my dress. I felt like I had no waist and a big butt in my dress.

I wrote Dolly one more time. After sending some more pictures and expressing my frustrations, I got an email back from her. She offered to have a new dress made for me. At first I didn’t think it would work. There would be NO time for alterations, because at the time of the email I only had about 25 days till the wedding! She asked for ALL of my measurements, and I stopped at the seamstress and had them taken professionally so there was NO mix up at all. I had told Dolly in one of my last emails that I had expected my dress to look like the Beverlywood dress because that design had been based on the sketch she had made for me. Instead of recreating my first dress again (which obviously had fatal flaws IMO) she offered to have the Beverlywood dress made for me to my exact measurements. The only custom alteration would be to add my blue netting under the dress.

To say I was worried was an understatement. I was a ball of nerves until that new dress arrived. In my paniced state I even ordered a dress from David’s Bridal in hopes that I would have SOMETHING to wear.

The new dress arrived on Septemeber 5th. Exactly 1 week before the wedding. I rushed to my mom’s where the box had been delivered and opened the box. I pulled out the pink packing tissue and grabbed the hanger with the garment bag. I think I ran to the bed room and opened up the bag to get my first peak at the dress. It looked beautiful on the hanger. I carefully put the dress on and then called my kids in to help with the zipper. It went up perfectly and fit like a glove. I fell in love the INSTANT I saw my reflection.

This had been the moment I was waiting for. I had found my dress … I had found my Bridal Glow. It was time to begin the countdown of my last week as a single/divorced mom with 2 kids. Join me on my journey thru the last week. It was a whirlwind!


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I will be honest … It took me a while to actually follow through with this photo shoot. There is not much in bride blogging land about embracing your size the way it is. I have seen very few plus size brides talk about and/or post their boudoir photos. I wanted to post some of the proofs to try and break that trend just a little bit. My own little rebellion if you will.

I took this leap with my Honorary MOH. She will be celebrating her 3rd anniversary at the end of September. When I told her my idea for this photo shoot (over Margaritas of course) she was completely onboard! She made me feel comfortable in turn because she is 4 months post baby and still trying to find her new self.

I searched for flattering poses. I shopped for sexy underthings that I was comfortable in. I even struck a deal with the receptionist at the ONLY local hotel with jacuzzi suites (even though we didn’t end up getting one). In the end I think I have enough poses that I want to put into a little black book for Mr. B.

If I could do it again I would bring drinks, music and more props.

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Need Dress Help!!

I won’t bore you with the details … but let’s just say I was left fighting back tears after my final alteration appointment with my Dolly Dress. Mom says I look beautiful … right now I just don’t FEEL beautiful when I put it on. Mom took a couple more picture. I was really hoping to find my Bridal Glow at this appointment … but it just didn’t come.

To help me feel more comfortable Mom has offered to by me a “reception” dress to change into after we cut the cake. So I can “party” and be more comfortable. We are trying to stay under $100 and trying to stay away from alterations. For my body … that means I probably need to go strapless. I wear about a size 20 and I would like to keep it under $100.

Any Suggestions?

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Of my boudoir photos!!!

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Yesterday after work Mom & I headed to a second seamstress. The first seamstress that I went to is gone on vacation till the end of the month. I felt uneasy about waiting that long. The plus side to the new seamstress is that she is at a Bridal Shop, not her home and she is only a few blocks away from the shop. That makes it very easy to head over for fittings.

When I walked out of the dressing room to have my mom zip the back she said “You’ve lost weight” YIPPY!!! Those are very sweet words to hear, believe me 🙂 I had brought a necklace to try with my dress as well (it was on loan) Mom and I both agreed it was a little too thick and didn’t compliment my dress.

The seamstress came over and we showed her the problem areas of the bust. She made a few marks with her pins and that was that. For the changes she quoted us $40-$45! Not bad at all. I go back on August 10th. I am actually hoping that by then she will need to take the waist in. I just have to keep getting up in the morning for those walks.

I am still a little disappointed that the bodice wasn’t made how I requested 😦 I did not ask for a boatneck. I asked for a tank. There is no way to make the dress into the original style that I requested and paid for 😦

Are you disappointed with any aspect of your dress?

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Couch to 5K: Day 1

Ok, today is Monday July 6th, 2009 – Day 1
I know I said that I should be happy and comfortable on my wedding day at whatever weight I am at, and I will be HONEST. I just don’t feel good right now.

Last week I helped with our church VBS. I do the opening and closing music. It basically means I sing while jumping and dancing around on stage to get the kids all pumped up. It is the 4th year I have done it.

Year #1 (2006) was great. I had been losing weight, and working out. I had a wonderful time. I had cute little size 16 capri’s from Old Navy that I wore for our “Island” theme. Fun Times!

Year #2 (2007) was ok. I had been seeing Mr. B and although my workouts were getting to be few and far between, my weight was about where it had been the year before. I unfortunately had to wear army fatigues because of the theme that year was “The Lords ARMY”. The really unfortunate part was that my camo pants were actually bought about a size too small. No Bueno! Even though I felt ok, most pictures did not LOOK ok.

Year #3 (2008) not so good weigh wise. Definitely was carrying around extra weight, and workouts were a thing of the past. This was the first year we went from “canned” CD music to having a live band on stage. Luckily with a “Will-E” theme to play off the popular “Wall-E” movie I didn’t have a “costume” and the shirt was black. It helped hide the jiggly parts.

Year #4 (This Year) right back up to my highest “divorce” weight. I was huffing and puffing through the songs. By night two my legs were literally shaking because the muscles had NOT been working like this. I decided right then and there that things needed to change. The second half of the proof came last night when I got the link to go see the pictures from the week. Brace yourself:

My official “before” Couch to 5K picture montage.

So I needed a plan. Not a plan to be thin & beautiful on my wedding day. That plan was gonna fail. I needed a plan to get MOVING. That is when the light bulb went off …. my (H)MOH was trying to lose her baby weight and I don’t have kids for the whole month of July. We could do this together!!

There are actually three of us, (H)MOH, her mom, and myself. Ok, technically four if you count the baby. Her mom is gonna walk the baby in the stroller and (H)MOH and I will be doing Couch to 5K on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then just walking Tuesday and Thursday.

This morning was Day 1. I am more out of shape than I realized. We did the 5 minute warm up, then went into the first 60 second interval …. OMG, I thought I was gonna pass out, or puke … or both. What in the world did I sign up for? Then the guilt got me. Holy Crap! I can’t even jog/run for 60 seconds!!!! I did one more interval and told (H)MOH that I was just gonna walk the rest. I finished up the mile walking then did my stretches. I am not gonna give up, I will be there tomorrow morning at 6am.

Have you caved and started a new workout regimen for the wedding?

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Let’s see, where did I last leave off??? Oh! Yes. My dress was WRONG and I had to send it back 😦 I admit that I stalled when it came to sending back my dress. I just didn’t want to put it back in the box and ship it off. My mom told me to basically suck it up and get it in the box already. So I did.

They redid the petticoat on my dress in lightening fast time. From the moment I sent off my dress to getting it back was about a week. No Joke! The blue petticoat is now the proper shade of blue and the petticoat reaches the hem of the dress (it didn’t before). I am still not totally happy with the design of the petticoat. I think the fullness is hitting me in the worst/heaviest part of my body … right around my hips. I did get the extra blue netting with my dress when I got it back so I may be able to have the seamstress fix that portion to help slim my hips a bit.

There will be more to this dress saga LOL. Stay tuned for the next alteration appointment, where I will be getting a second opinion.

What part of your wedding has become more time consuming than you anticipated?

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