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Scavenger Hunt 2010

I have been a part of a GREAT photography site for a while, Clickin’ Moms.  Yes, it is a membership only site/forum. I originally signed up during a promotion and got a discount. I now pay the monthly subscription and I don’t even miss the $8 I have learned SO much from the women on that site. I am just a hobbyist, but I want to take good photos of my family and friends. I think my photos and post processing have improved since I joined, but that is just my opinion. I did buy my DSLR from a member on that site and saved myself about $200! That alone is savings enough for me.

Yesterday they started a fun new contest for the month of July! It is a photo scavenger hunt! I printed out my list of items and it is about 4 pages long right now, they will be adding items during the month as well.  It isn’t too late to join in the fun because you have all month to take your photos and post them.  I can’t wait to get out and start snapping photos with my sign.
clickin' Moms

I will be posting some of my pictures from the Scavenger Hunt during the month. I hope you will join me!


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My Best Shot


Yummy Jelly Belly’s in Miss G’s hand!  A shot that I love from Wednesday evening at my mom’s house.  I didn’t even edit this!

It was a rare occasion this Wednesday when all of us “kids” were able to come for dinner.  We all pitched in to help make some great food, the kids played nicely in the sand, then we all sat down to dinner & conversation.  The only thing missing was my brother’s three kids that were not able to come over with him.  I know it warms my mom’s heart to have us all under her roof again. Even if it is only for a night.

Click over to Better In Bulk to see the other best shots of the week:

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This week’s challenge at I Heart Faces is “smiles”.

I LOVE this little boy and I love his sweet little smiles.

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Red Rose


This week’s theme for Raw(e) is Red.  I love the red roses in my mom’s backyard.  I tried to get a fantastic photo, but this is the best that I got.

I love this challenge because you can’t edit the photos.  They have to be completely untouched, unedited and uncropped.

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Color Splash Sunday: Pink

I totally meant to put this post up on Sunday!  WHOOPS!  I had the perfect photo for the pink week!


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Before and After

Before: SOOC.

I had the WB set wrong so it turned out very orange.  It was the only shot of the 3 I took that was in focus so I needed to fix it.



I adjusted the white balance in Lightroom to the florescent and it really helped.  I few minor adjustments to the exposure and the recovery and fill light gave me a photo I really like now.


Thanks to Pixel Perfect for hosting this Before and After challenge:

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Miss G truly is a little princess.  At the race she obviously become a “race princess” hence the adorable dress/tunic.  She actually got this dress last year and I think that she will need another shirt or dress next year.   Here is the SOOC and my B&W conversion with lightroom.

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