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I won!

I was so excited when I clicked over to my friend’s blog Lullaby and Goodnight to see that I won her latest giveaway!  I will soon be the proud owner of this cute bow from Wooden Shoe Designs

I picked this one because I LOVE the purple and green combo.  I will probably not be wearing this, but I am positive Miss G will.  My favorite feature of the bows in this shop?  They are sewn onto the barrettes!  I have had bad experiences with custom bows for Miss G that have only been hot glued onto the barrette.  Hot glue and Arizona heat do not make for a lasting relationship.

Although the matching ones I made Miss G and I for Easter I did only hot glue.  I made them at the last minute on the Saturday night before Easter when I realized our outfits needed a little something extra. This is Ellie’s that I hot glued directly onto a headband she already owned.


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I heart necklaces

I don’t wear much jewelry. From head to toe I usually only have three pieces on total. I always wear my engagement ring and wedding ring, so that is 2. A necklace is the usually the third and final piece.

I have slowly been building up my necklace collection.  I only have about half a dozen right now.  Two were gifts from my mom that are personalized pieces.  One is a family necklace that my grandmother had made for the women in our family.  I have a beautiful circle of diamonds from Mr. B that he gave me a few weeks before he proposed.  The other two are ones I bought myself from friend that sells. Premier Jewelery.

I would love to win this giveaway for a necklace on Ashley’s blog For the Love of Shoes, and a Baby Too.  The Etsy seller, CT Jewlery Design, has some adorable necklaces to choose from.  I really love this one and this one, oh ok and this one too! I will have a hard time spending my gift certificate if I win, that is for sure!

Hope over to her blog and say Hi to Ashley, but don’t enter the giveaway because I want to win! LOL

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