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The Sweetest Cake

Sunday Mr. B and I were invited to his best friend’s house for a BBQ.  I can’t show up empty handed and I always try to bring something new.  I told them we would bring a salad and dessert.

I already had a craving for some Tri-Color pasta salad, so I made up a quick batch.  The thing I love about this salad is that you can put in whatever veggies you like and leave out the others that you don’t like.  I made mine with red bell pepper, english cucumber, olives and some green onion.  I also used an italian dressing with some aged romano cheese already in the dressing.  It turned out delish!  I wish I could say it was the hit of the party, but it wasn’t.  I think only 2-3 other people besides myself ate the salad.  That is okay, I don’t mind having the leftover’s in my fridge.  I think it will be part of my dinner tonight!

For dessert I decided on a cake I had seen earlier in the week on another blog.  The recipe had my mouth watering, but I did not know just how sweet it would be.   This Carmel Cake has to be the sweetest cake on the planet.  It was a very simple recipe overall and only took about an hour and a half from start to finish.  I forgot to take a picture of my final cake, but it wasn’t really pretty.  Just a sheet cake with nuts on the top.  The good part is that the cake got a little more attention then my salad.  The bad part is that the cake only got about half eaten and we brought the rest home.  I don’t know how many calories or carbs are in this cake, and I am not sure I want to know.  I had more than a few fork fulls as a walked through the kitchen to the laundry room last night.


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