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What a Week!

This week has thrown me into a whirlwind. Some wedding related, some kid related, some family related. Let’s start with the BEST news ….

My Dress is on the way to ME! I am tracking her and she is currently in Colorado. I think I decided on a name, but I want to wait to put her on before I officially give her a name. I am sure she will speak to me!

In kid related new my son has Fifth Disease. We think the first signs started before we went to the Nascar Race. He had a track and field day at school, so we thought it was just an allergic grass rash. I gave him some meds and we headed off to the races. Well this weekend while I was getting ready to leave the bridal shower (more on that in the next post) my mom called to tell me the rash was back. I didn’t go away so I took him today to get an official diagnosis. Fifth disease is not contagious once the rash appears and shouldn’t cause any discomfort. It can last up to 3 weeks though. Keep my Little A in your thoughts and prayers.

As I just mentioned I attended a Bridal Shower this weekend for a really close friend. She is getting married in May and is having a black and white wedding. I can’t wait to see it! We have been talking wedding for quite a while now. Our weddings have a lot of similarities. She is marring a man that already has a daughter. She opted to have her younger (much younger) neices as her wedding party. We attend the same church and we are using a few of the same vendors. They are also doing a DIY dinner and has offered to share her chaffing dishes and serving bowls with us. We are also using the same lady for our decorating, set up and clean-up.

On the home front I found out on Friday that my landlords are re-financing the house, so it will need to be appraised sometime this week. Sounds like the perfect time for a Spring Cleaning to me! Mr B and I have been busily cleaning my house, and shampooing the carpets in preparation. While we were at it we rearranged my living room and my bedroom. I will post the before and after’s because it is a HUGE difference.

Stay tuned for the next post …. the Black & White Bridal Shower!!!


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There are not that many people to meet actually, just my 2 kids 🙂 Mr.B and I decided that there was really no reason for us to have a wedding party. We wanted something small, simple and intimate for our ceremony and that just wasn’t gonna happen with a line up of people next to each of us.

So first off this is Mr. B & I :

Next up or ring bearer, I will just call him Little A:

Here he is on his birthday (well OUR birthday since we share that special day). This picture perfectly describes his personality. He really is a great little man with a sense of humor. He loves making people laugh. He has had the honor of being an honorary ringbearer twice already.
First at my brother’s wedding in 2006:

Then later that summer at his Nanny’s wedding. She had been his Nanny since Anthony was 9 months old, so she is really like family.

He looks mighty good in a tux if I do say so myself. He was never officially a ringbear because he didn’t carry rings or a pillow at either wedding. The church where my brother was married didn’t allow there to be children under 8 years old in the bridal party so he just basically dressed the part for pictures.

In his Nanny’s wedding he and his sister walked down the aisle and then sat at a cute little bench next to the ceremony location. It was a very small, intimate wedding and she didn’t have a pillow for him either, but at least he walked down the aisle that time LOL.

He will actually carry the rings down the aisle this time. He is old enough to be trusted with that job now that he is 7. I don’t think it will be a pillow he carries though, I am looking for other options.

Next let me introduce you to our flowergirl, let’s call her Miss G:

She is the princess, and will tell you so! She is definitely a beauty with her blue eyes and blond hair. As a 4 going on 15 year old she does keep me on my toes. I constantly find her in my makeup or with the nail polish. She threw a fit at Target because I wouldn’t buy her dress shoes with a heel, and she picks her outfits everyday. Yes, she is my fashionista! When we came back from our engagement dinner she wanted the ring!!

She was also in both of the weddings that her brother was in. For my brother’s wedding my mom got her a big poofy gown that cost more than the dress I wore to the wedding. Only because we had to have it altered to fit her. The smallest the dress came was a 3T and Miss G was just over 2 years old and small for her age. It was beautiful though:

For her Nanny’s wedding I already had a little white dress in her closet from Gymboree. It was supposed to have been an Easter dress but it was perfect for the wedding:

She is holding the brides bouquet in both photos. She didn’t have a basket or anything for either wedding. I am leaning towards makng her a little bouquet to carry. I honestly haven’t decided.

Just to see how cute they are together here they are together at the weddings:

I am a little afraid their cuteness is gonna steal the show in September … what do you think??

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Ms. A meets Mr. B

I am Ms. A and this is the story of how I met Mr. B.

I was working at a preschool, mending a broken heart after pinning over a boy (well more like a man-child) for over a year. I was at the point of just wanting to go out with a man. I wanted to go out and have fun and great conversation. That is when I heard a co-worker talking about her long term boyfriend’s best friend. She was trying to get another co-work to go out with him, but I jumped in and claimed dibs LOL. As I was leaving work that day I left her with my phone numbers and didn’t think too much of it. That is until he called.

Mr. B had such a warm voice on the phone. He was so easy to talk to and before I knew it we had been on the phone for hours. The next night the pattern repeated. We talked about everything … family, work, my kids, likes and dislikes. We just seemed to click. By the end of the week he asked me if I wanted to meet. My heart leaped and I said yes. My ex would have the kids for a weekend visit and I already had plans to get my hair done on Saturday morning so I thought it was perfect timing.

I decided to be safe and meet him at the resturant. On my way there I called one of my friends and freaked out to her. Why was I on my way to meet a stranger? What if I didn’t like him? What would we talk about? A million questions ran out of my mouth from my very confused head. Luckily she was able to talk me down and calm my fears. I hung up and got out of the car.

I had let him pick the resturant. I walked in and didn’t see anyone else waiting. Those few minutes of sitting there waiting for him seemed like eternity. I thought I got the resturant wrong, or maybe I had the wrong time. Then I saw him. Walking up to the door with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. I don’t really know how I knew it was him. I had only seen a couple pictures of him and he had only seen a few of me. I accepted his beautiful flowers and we went and got a table.

Even though I had been freaked out before, dinner was just like our phone calls had been all week. The conversation just flowed. After dinner we walked to the movie theater. I kept wondering if he was going to hold my hand, or put his arm around me, but he never made a move. I could barely watch the movie when it started because I kept thinking how I wanted him to hold my hand!

It was late by the time the movie got out and because it was February it was COLD! I only had a thin jacket on so even though it was a short walk back to our cars I was almost shivering. Of course it was THEN that he finally made his move and put his arm in mine. As we reached my car we stopped and then before I knew what happened I was completely wrapped in his arms as he kissed me. The perfect ending to a perfect evening.

How did you meet?

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