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About a month ago I read on someone’s blog that she had a psychic prediction done.  I followed the link on her blog and read more about the lady on her website.  It sounded harmless, and so I decided to just do the $10 email reading.  I figure what was $10 more dollars.  This morning I got my reading.  This is the email word for word:

I see finding out with a bfp/conceive in between Oct and Nov this year. I see a boy.
I see your son being born at either 12am or 12pm. I see him weighing 6.9 pounds and being 21.6 inches long. I see him being born on either the 7th or 27th day of  the month you are due in with him. I see your labor lasting 4 hours from the start of contractions to your son’s actual birth.

When I connected to your son I heard the names Stan and Drew. This could be someone you know, someone you will meet, his name/s or a combination of these. If this doesn’t make sense now, it WILL later. This could also be a doctor, nurse, etc that is centered around your pregnancy and or birth.

The thing I see about your son is that he will be really high strung, always on the go, always having to have his mind occupied. Mostly he will always be thinking. He will be one of those people day and night where his brain will constantly turn thinking about doing the next thing or saying the next thing.  I also see him being very artistic and this is something that will show through at a very young age, but I see alot of abstract art to his works and he will start a painting bussiness very young at the age of 21 and up until then work in an art gallery to gain experience.

I find this prediction “interesting”  I only told her my name & birth day.  Bill’s name and birth day.  That we were TTC and the I had no miscarriages and 2 children from a previous marriage.  This is what I find “interesting”

  1. I will be able to go on Mr.B’s work insurance in September.  Right now we pay for everything out of pocket.  So in Oct/Nov we would be insured.
  2. I have said for a while that I want a boy.
  3. I usually labor at night. Little A was born at 2am and Miss G around 11pm.
  4. Both of the kids weighed 6lbs (Little A was 6lb 10 oz and Miss G was 6lb 5 oz)
  5. I had already said that I like the name Andrew.

Those are the main things that stick out.  I don’t know how much faith to put into this reading.  I had just said that I was gonna be “done trying” at the end of June when I have my next appointment.  We don’t have the finances to move to more expensive drugs and procedures.

Have you ever had a reading? Was it accurate?


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I caved

Not only did I do some extensive Dr. Google searching yesterday I also took a CBE digital this morning.  I am a glutton for punishment.

I started the searching yesterday because I couldn’t find the hcg sensitivity level for the Wondfo hpt dip strips that I had been using.  I finally found a copy of their printed pamphlet and it said:

Although the hCG levels in normal early pregnant women are variable, One Step Strip Urine HCG Test is capable of detecting pregnancy as early as 1 day after the first missed menses.

I took this to mean that the test was not very sensitive, isn’t that how you would interpret that sentence? I decided to take one last chance and use the IC and a CBE digital this morning just to be sure before I picked up the provera. The IC was stark white and I saw those dreaded words …. Not Pregnant.  I was expecting the results, but I still hate seeing those two words. Well, really it those three letters “not” that stabs me in the gut everytime.

I stopped at my corner CVS and waiting in the drive thru for the window to open.  It was only a 2-3 minute wait till 8am.  The friendly pharmacist looked for my prescription on the shelf but nothing was there.  He then went to the computer and didn’t find anything called/faxed in this week.  GREAT.  The midwife’s office didn’t open till 9am so I had to just head to work and wait.

I honestly was hoping that calling in for the prescription would bring on Aunt Flo.  That is how it works right??  Ways to bring on Aunt Flo …

  • wear white pants/skirt
  • plan a weekend getaway
  • get a beta blood draw
  • call for a provera prescription

I am sure I could think of more, but those are my top four.  What are your sure fire ways?

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Stupid Body

Hi, it’s me your local infertile.  I am having computer problems.  Apparently laptops don’t like having Diet Coke spilled on them.  So, I am doing a quick post from work just to update.

My body is so beeping STUPID! GRRRR.  Here I sit at CD34 with 6 BFNs from the internet dip strips that I bought.  I already called my midwife for the Provera RX.  I will give AF one more day and I have one more dip stick to use tomorrow morning.  (I refuse to waste one of my 3 digital tests to see “not pregnant”.)  Then I will place a new order on eBay for a boat load of opk’s and hpt’s.

Assuming that AF doesn’t arrive on her own and that the test is stark white like all the others, I will start the Provera on Friday.  It will push back my cycle by about a week and I will probably miss my window for a February baby.

I just want to SCREAM!

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