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Appointment today

I made this appointment almost a month ago, now the day is here and I am nervous.

I want to discuss the irregular cycles and bleeding that I have had the last two months, and show her the OPK’s that are still not positive (there isn’t even a 2nd line visible).  I am even going to print out my temps so that she can see those as well.

Wish me luck & say a prayer.


My suspicions were confirmed. She doesn’t think I am ovulating and that I am having anovulatory bleeding.  Blood work at my regular doctor has never shown any problems other than being anemic. BUT My midwife still thinks that I have PCOS.  The tests that the regular doctor ran would not show the hormones that PCOS testing would look for.  She has mentioned this possibility in the past when I have skipped a cycle or two but we have never done any testing to know for sure.

Because of the history and my charting she isn’t ordering blood work.  She just prescribed Metformin and Femera.

I will start taking the Metformin right away. Hopefully it will help me lose some weight as well. I was VERY shocked when I saw my weight on the scale today.  I told DH that the Femara will help regulate my body … it is not technically a fertility medication.  I think he is afraid that if I take “fertility” medication we will end up with multiples which WOULD cause health problems for me since hyperemisis is more common with multiples.  I have until CD 3 to decide if I am going to take it or not.

I have a follow up appoint June 25th


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Filling plastic eggs for our family Egg Hunt.

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Egg hunt at school today!

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Getting change out of the glass jar to donate at school.

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CD 16

This is my last month to have a chance at a 2010 baby.  Right now I am at CD16.  I have been taking my temp since CD8 and started using the OPK using SMU to test.  I STILL haven’t had seen fertile CM or positive OPK. My OPK’s don’t even have a second line to even indicate that there is any LH in my system. Next Tuesday’s appointment can’t come fast enough.

I asked DH about getting a CBE fertility monitor. He doesn’t understand why I need one.  He thinks I should be able to “know” what my body is doing.  Little does he know! Besides there isn’t extra $ this month because of the major car repairs on my van.

After this month I will probably wait a little while to really try again because DS & DD”s birthdays are in January & March so those are busy months for us already. An April/May baby would be nice.  That would mean waiting till July or August to TTC again.

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Birthday Girl!

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Ellie’s last day of being 5 years old.

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