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The CA skyline


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The Obsession

The digital HPT that I took Friday morning was the kind with the “eject” button that pops out the test strip. On Friday when I ejected it there was only 1 blue line. I looked again and there is a 2nd faint blue line.

I know I am obsessing right now … BUT when I got pregnant with Ellie my tests were all so light that even at the doctor’s office a couple nurses had to look at the test.

I am going to call my midwife on Monday.

If AF would arrive then I would stop obsessing … but I haven’t.

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Rain, rain, go AWAY!!!

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Ok, so yeah I took a picture while I was driving up the mountain to drop the kids off. There was nobody around me at least.

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The digital HPT that I took this morning was negative. ’nuff said

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Is this my immagination?

To recap:
Last AF was 6 weeks ago … on Jan 15
I tested all during Valentine’s weekend with my heart breaking each time that second line did not appear. Then a week later I had very light spotting that lasted Thurs night-Sunday.

This test was in a 2 pack. The first test yesterday I must have over saturated because I got NO lines

This is not with FMU … it is was taken at about 2pm.  I think I see something in person, but I am not sure.

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Lazy Dinner … Papa John’s

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