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My Secret …

Ok, so here is my secret as to why my recaps have slowed down.

I am not happy with my professional photos. AT ALL

There I said it. I know I am not the only bride that has gone thru this, but it still sucks. I thought I was picking a photographer that had YEARS of experience and that really knew me and my family. I also thought he would be able to meet my expectation for how I wanted my day captured when I wouldn’t be able to be behind a camera myself.

Yeah, that didn’t happen 😦

Here are a few of my biggest complaints:
1. He was late to the rehearsal, that he ASKED to be at. He obviously had never shot a wedding at my parent’s home so he wanted to get a feel for the space and light and how we would be standing. It is a good thing my Dad needed to change into a nice shirt & shorts. Otherwise we would have been standing around waiting on JUST the photographer.

2. The morning of the wedding he called my cell phone to ask for MORE money to provide our “photobooth” that he originally told me he would through in for free. To add insult to injury, the photos from the “photobooth” are not fun & crazy. They look like church directoy photos. Not a single person (besides my parents) used the props we had bought & collected. There isn’t even a photo of each guest/party.

3. He drank … during the reception … inside my parent’s home … when we were all outside.

4. Speaking of him being in my parent’s home during the reception, I was constantly trying to FIND him before the major events. I can only image the shots he missed by sitting on his butt.

5. The DVD that he dropped off the Monday after the wedding only has 556 photos TOTAL. That is every photo he and his 2nd shooter took. They are basically raw as well … no, not RAW format. I mean raw, unedited, uncropped, minor color correction is all. Two of the photos he converted to black & white. Only 2! They are also very small file sizes. If I wasn’t a photographer and digital scrapbooker I probably wouldn’t notice. Each photo he took is less than a MB in file size. My little point and shoot takes bigger pictures. I am honestly afraid to make my album with them. I have a horrible feeling they are going to be grainy when printed at full size.

I could keep going, but I need to stop myself. I will hopefully be able to finish editing and resizing photos from my family & friends to be able to actually show you our day with all the wonderful DIY touches (that he didn’t take photos of!!)


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The Season Is Changing

Well, September has come and gone. With September went the triple digit temps and humidity. It also means that our wedding has come and gone. Now that we have the cooler temps of “Fall” in Yuma, we keep saying that we should have waited a little longer to have a cooler wedding day.

I still love our “Fall” here in Yuma. Cooler temps, a little wind and relief from the heat.

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One of the other little touches that I had seen at other home/backyard/outdoor weddings was little seating areas. Mom already had a few areas around the yard, we just moved them around and gave them a “face lift” for the wedding.

Area #1
This is a nice little area right behind where we had the ceremony. It is next to the mom made beach. Mom got some new cushions and Mr. B washed away the cobwebs and put up new lights.

Area #2
These chairs and table usually sit up on the deck, by the TV on the porch. This was right where the ceremony would be and where the bar was going to be set up during the reception. Mom bought new cover and pillows for the chairs and moved the area onto the grass. We picked this location so that the guests would not try to walk off the pathway and end up falling.

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Countdown: Flower Friday

Well we have made it all the way to Friday morning! The day before the wedding and the day of the rehearsal. There was still SO much to do … even after all the work we had been doing. My main focus was the DIY flowers. I had 160 sunflowers that we needed to arrange into a bouquet, 11 centerpieces (5 high and 6 low) and about a dozen mason jars.

I don’t have a lot of pictures because I had my hands full of flowers. It was messy! Lots of water, cut off stems, bits of floral tape littered my mom’s nice new kitchen. I helped with all the high centerpieces and I think they turned out beautifully.

I am not so sure what went wrong with the low centerpieces. The oasis we bought didn’t seem to hold the flowers the way the styrofoam had during the trial mom and I did. They held up ok for the wedding, but it was definitely not as nice as the trial centerpiece had looked. In hind sight I wish I had just scrapped the idea of the low centerpiece and made them all taller. Oh well … hindsight is 20/20 right?

What I did not get done on Friday was my bouquet. I really wish that I would have taken the time to get it done before the rehearsal. Time just slipped right thru my fingers. My mom and SIL ended up making it the morning of the wedding. They did a beautiful job, but mom hadn’t seen me make the trial bouquet and my SIL never saw it at all. Looking at some of the pictures I can see the flaws, but I am positive nobody else did. I guess that is just part of my control freak nature. I wanted to do it all.

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I had read MANY blogs about outdoor, backyard, home and park weddings. One thing that I knew would be key was lighting. My parent’s and I had discussed different ideas over the last 6 months. Now it was time to put those plans into practice. The first area to get lights was the patio. It got a simple strand of white Christmas lights along the edge. These went up the weekend before the wedding.

After the tents were up on Thursday and the sun had come up the guys started lighting the inside of the tents. Again, they are just white Christmas lights that we already owned.

Next to go up with the chinese lanterns with the throwies that I had made. This DIY project got a little assistance from my Dad and his Cousin (the electrician) They wanted to use cable to put up the lanterns, but mom & I held firm to the fishing line. They did have to make some adjustments to my throwies though. The first time they put them up we didn’t get a lot of light from them.

So the next morning while my Dad was out doing some last minute errands they went and bought some clothespins to help hold the LED wires onto the battery so they would have a stronger connection. This worked much better than my tape, I will admit. The night of the wedding they had the perfect glow:

(You can see the blue glow in the lanterns AND the lighting in the tents in this photo)

The last minute addition to the lighting was actually because some of the lanterns didn’t stay on the fishing line and we didn’t have time to put them back up. They used some of the taller shepard hooks and attached the lanterns to them and just rearranged the mason jars on the other hooks.

The only lighting that didn’t happen was my luminaries. We had purchased white paper bags and they were supposed to line the driveway/walkway from the parking area up to the house. It was probably needed, but with the slightly windy conditions it was making set up difficult, so they did not get set out. Now I have about 500 white paper bags for all future birthday parties, class parties and probably even Christmas LOL.

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Now that the tents were up, the lawn was mowed and I had my toe nails done .. it was time to start assembing the last minute details prior to setting up and decorating on Friday and Saturday.

My girls showed up to help and we started getting as much done as possible. We started with assembling the lanterns and putting the throwies into them.

Then we finished up the mason jars. I used the basic steps from previous tutorials I had seen on Weddingbee. No re-inventing the wheel for me LOL. The only slight difference with the wired twine that my mom found at Michael’s. Half the jars got tea-lights the other half got sunflowers.

While working on the above projects we also were doing dishwasher loads full of goblets, beer pilsners and champange flutes. We had been buying them at the Dollar Store all summer and storing them, but they had to get washed up before our guests could use them.

Once they got washed we separated everything into boxes. There was one box for each table. The box was marked with the seating chart for the table. It had the total number of chairs for the table, the number of children and was marked wither “high” or “low” depending on the centerpiece for the table. Everything “loose” for the table went into the box: tablecloths, candles, kid goodie bags, goblets, candy dishes, and table numbers. The only things that didn’t fit in the box were the water bottles and the napkins.

Speaking of water bottles. We had 4 cases of water (120 bottles) to put the custom labels on.

I had already cut them apart from the file that Staples had printed out for me. But some needed a little minor trimming to remove extra white space or smooth a rough cut edge. We had a nice little assembly line: remove printed label, cut new label, glue new label, attach new label. We had then done very quickly. I was very surprised. My only suggestion would be to use extra glue if they will be sitting out in the sun. Some had to be re-glued on the day of the wedding because the sun was heating up the glue too much.

With many projects completed for the day, we settled in for a nice big pasta dinner and some Margaritas to calm my nerves.

Only 1 more day left before the wedding!

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