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Home Wedding: Tents go UP!!

While I was off getting my toesies pretty the rental company showed up at Mom and Dad’s house, just like we had arranged.

Look how fast the yard transformed with the addition of the tents:

While the tents were getting put up, Dad was busy off loading the chairs and tables with the forklift:

Once the tents went up it was time for one last mow of the grass

and the trimming of a few branches from the trees and bushes


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Countdown: Pedicures

Thursday morning before the wedding (T-minus 2 days!) I woke up, got the kids to school then went to meet my MOH and her mom at the Beauty School to get our pedicures. I wore my bright pink “Bride To Be” sash, since I didn’t wear it for the Girl’s Night Out.

Yes, we probably could have gone to a nicer more upscale salon, but
#1 – I was cutting my budget left & right so I didn’t have the extra money
#2 – MOH and her mom have been going and like the students

Overall, my student did a great job on my pedicure. Unfortunately, they did not have the OPI Blue polish I wanted, so I had to pick a champagne color, I believe it is called fawn.

I asked my student for a flower, so she brought over the little jewels. I spotted yellow and blue, so I had her make a yellow flower with a blue center.

Doesn’t it look like a sunflower?

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Countdown: Folding and Flowers

Wednesday (T-Minus 3 days) was 9/9/09 … this was the day we had originally planned to be married. That is what was in the back of my head ALL DAY LONG. I could not dwell on that little tidbit of nostalgia of what could have been … I had work to do.

That morning the napkins were delivered by the uniform company we already have an account with. I only paid 17 cents a napkin!!! If there is a local uniform company in your town give them a call. They had all the same colors that the party rental place have for a quarter of the price. It was a great deal.

Now that I had 120 napkins in my office I needed to start folding them. I had already sent off my 4×6 Flickr card to Walgreen’s and had 120 printed for 10cents each. I could have made smaller ones and done them cheaper, but I wanted them to be seen and not lost on the tables.

The 4×6 worked perfectly when I did the pocket fold as well. I worked all day at the office during the down time between phone calls and customers. By the end of the day all 120 had been folded and packaged into stacks of 10 and boxed up. Here are the napkins with the flickr card peaking out before I packaged and boxed them.

Today was the day we had also arranged for FiftyFlowers.com to deliver the sunflowers for the centerpieces and my bouquet. I had went ahead and purchased 160, knowing that I could use the extras as fill in decor about the house and yard.

Unfortunately the problems started right away. My mom was set to be at the house all day Wednesday to wait for them. Then we got a call that she would need to drive and pick up a guest at the airport … in San Diego (which is about a 6 hours drive round trip)

I called FiftyFlowers first thing in the morning, which is 8:00am for me. The tracking numbers I had been given were coming up invalid on the FedEx website. The customer service rep that I spoke too told me that she would look into it and get back to me. I wait about an hour or so before I tried calling back. This time I could not speak to a live person. I left a message that I stated was urgent, left my contact number and wait some more. At about 11:30 I emailed with “Urgent” in the subject line. An hour later I got a response. I was told that the tracking numbers were for a company called Ontrac (has anyone else heard of them? I had not) and that they would be there by 5pm. I replied back asking for more information, and did not receive a returned email. Luckily my mom got back to town earlier than expected and was at the house before the delivery driver arrived.

I arrived at the house at 4:55pm to see the delivery van leaving the house. The 2 large boxes looked man-handled and were slightly crushed. Upon opening the boxes I was very worried about my sunflowers. They looked very sad crammed into the boxes. Many head were bent over and were crushed from being smashed against other flowers in the box, some were even losing their petals. Take a look for yourself:

I followed the directions and filled up our 5 gallon buckets with fresh Reverse Osmosis (filtered) water and began cutting the stems of all 160 flowers. Because they looked so sad we cut about 6-8 inches off each sunflower to be safe.

I had been told that the flowers would perk up and hydrate so I did not contact customer service (but I should have). I left the flowers soaking in a room with sunlight and air conditioning until Friday. This saga will be continued! LOL

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Monday (T- Minus 5 days) was also Labor day. I didn’t have work and the kids didn’t have school. While my mom and I worked around the outside of the house, the kids swam in the pool (and the hired cleaning lady cleaned the inside of the house). When my dad got home from work, he started on his “To Do” list. The most important thing to get done was to seal the Teak table that my mom got this summer. They had not put it together or used it because of all the other wedding preparations. Now the table had to be sealed because we needed to use it for the food buffet at the wedding.

Since the seal was simply teak oil that had to be “painted” on the table, my dad let the kids help. They put on a plastic glove, grabbed a foam brush and got to work. My dad gave them the task of getting into all the little groves and corners his hands would not fit into. It worked out really well.

We ate on that very table Thursday night, Friday night and the used it for the wedding on Saturday. It is fun that they kids will always have the memory of contributing something to the wedding.

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Countdown: Seating Chart woes

This brings us to Monday before the wedding. Projects were either getting completed or thrown out. One project that I had to get finished and NOT throw out was the seating chart and water bottle place cards.

I had been using Martha Stewart Wedding’s seating chart program and it was working perfectly … expect I kept getting late RSVP’s. Just when I thought it was done and I was ready to print, someone would email or call in a change. I was getting VERY frustrated. Finally on Monday I had to create my seating chart.

The Martha Stewart Wedding program online generated an excel list of my guests in a custom report and emailed it to me. All I had to do was copy each table of guests into my photoshop document, one group at a time. I used the same background graphics from my Photobooth Poster. In no time I was done. I saved my file and uploaded it to Staples, just like I did before. Only this time something went wrong!

When I went in to pick up my poster it was shrunk down and illegible because the font had become SO small. The Staples associates where very nice. They told me just to come back with my file on a flash drive. I drove home, saved the file to my flash drive and took it back. There was a customer before me, but the manager took my flashdrive and saved my file to the computer and said it would be ready in an hour or so.

Unfortunately I did NOT make it back that afternoon. Or the next day … or the NEXT day! Yikes. Before I knew it I still hadn’t picked up the seating chart on the morning of the wedding!!! I left time in my schedule Saturday morning to swing by and pick it up on the way to my hair appointment. I walked in, gave the associate my name and he pulled out my poster. It was the correct size. It was legible. BUT Somehow the colors had been distorted 😦 The associate had no idea how it happened. Instead of tans and blues and oranges …. everything had a greenish tint! I had to use it 😦 I had no choice, no back up. It was this or nothing (and I couldn’t have nothing.)

Honestly I am sure nobody noticed, since the 2 signs were not together. Only I know that they were made to match. It is still one of the things that I wish I had NOT procrastinated.

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Even though I was content to just stand on the deck and get married, my mom (knowing better) decided we needed some kind of arch. We had previously tried ordering one online that my mom liked, but shipping was more than the price of the arch. We went to the local rental company and the only one we kind of liked was still $50 just to rent. My mom came up with a plan while at Lowes … She would MAKE one. Yes, we had a DIY (by Mom) arch for our ceremony.

You already saw the silk/dry floral arrangement that mom made.

Here is how she made the arch for the arrangement to go on.
3 – sections of wood trellis from Lowes $12.50 each
white spray paint $4.50 each
Dad’s nail gun
heavy gauge wire

Using the spray paint she coated all sides of all 3 panels. I believe 1 can was more than enough to complete the task.

She took the arrangement that she made and using heavy gauge wire attached it to one section of trellis across the front. That became to top of the “arch”

Next Dad stepped in with the nail gun. He set the top portion on the deck and arranged the two sides while it was laying down. The nature of the pattern in the trellis made it easy to get the sides even. He put a few nails in at the top to secure it. We then lifted the arch into place on the deck.

After a few minor adjustments to make sure it was even in the corner, he put a few nails in to hold the arch against the railing and then a few at the bottom to hold it down on the deck.

This is how the arch looks in place. The little white table is where the vases for the sand ceremony will be.

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As my mom said that last week … bark fixes (and covers up) anything! For less that $4 a bag it is a very easy and inexpensive way to cover up plain dirt areas in the yard and fill in between the more expensive greenery.

Saturday and Sunday before the wedding we spent working in the yard. Unloading the plants, arranging them around the yard and filling in the rest of the areas with bark.

The front entrance to the yard:

The walkway leading to the ceremony/back porch. You can also see the Shepard Hooks that we had arranged in this photo as well.

Plants replace the blue barrels around the center post on the back porch.

My Mom’s second time saving tip … don’t take the plants out of the black plastic containers. With only 6 days till the wedding the plants did not need to be planted directly in the ground. This saved us HOURS of work. We simply made a small hole to stabilize the plastic container in the dirt, then we put bark around to cover the container. There was actually less of a change of the plants dying, all they needed was regular watering.

The beginning of a seating area to block guests from walking off the pathway and possibly getting hurt. Those palms won’t stay there so we just removed the labels from the plants and the rest of the seating area covered the pots.

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