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DIY: Table Number Frames

Long before Mom & I decided to have assigned seating, I knew that I wanted framed pictures from our engagement session on the tables. When we placed our order for the e-pics we got 2 each of our favorite 8 poses. That would make 2 different photos on each table, I thought it would be fun to mix and match. I ordered the 4×6 size and I vagely remember her saying a different measurement. I honestly didn’t think it would matter. When it comes to finding frames …. it does!

Forgetting about the odd size (4×5 is the actual measurement of the photos) I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed a stack of 10 white frames. They had a pretty little dot pattern on the edge, and I had been given 6 other ones after my shower. I planned on painting them, so the white wasn’t a big deal.

I got to my mom’s and pulled out my stack of 16 frames. I take out one of the pictures from the shower and plop in an e-pic. That is when the different measurement reality hit me. They didn’t fit! UGH. I pack up the 10 new frames with the receipt and head to the Dollar Tree by my mom’s house. I brought a picture with me this time! They had nothing in the size I needed. To make matters worse the frame section was very full and it was hard trying to sort thru the different sizes and styles. Finally I found 4×4 square frames. I couldn’t find 16, I only found 4. Knowing that I had 2 other Dollar Tree’s stores in town, I got the 4 frames plus some ivy garlands to exchange for the 10 frames I was returning.

I hit store #2 and didn’t find any frames, so I went across town to store #3. Luckily they had the frames, so I bought all that they had and ended up with 16 total.

Back at Mom’s house she and I got to painting. She started on the frames and I worked on the wooden numbers. The blue paint went on very easy and ended up being the perfect shade!

The champagne gold color was a little more temperamental. The white frames seemed to take the paint ok, but the gold color took multiple coats to cover the white without looking streaky. Mom only got 2 done in the time it took me to paint the numbers.

We did a quick mock up to be sure the blue and gold worked togheter.

Then I helped paint more frames. The numbers in this picture are just resting on the frame. I waited until I put the photos in the frames before using glue dots to put the numbers on.

I may need to go find a few more frames though if the guest list grows anymore.


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DIY: Lantern and LED Trial

The lanterns that mom bought online were a little bit bigger than we expected. We wanted to make sure that they would still be bright enough with the 3 LED Throwies. I sat down and put together 3 LED Throwies with on/off switches. Then I used some thin wire to put them together and hang in the lantern.

I think they look bright enough. I wasn’t surprised that the lanterns turned the blueish color. I knew it was gonna happen. The white lights glow more blue then white, just like all the previous brides have mentioned.

I played with my camera settings to try and get a good photo:

To be safe we decided to order another 100 LED’s and batteries. They should be here this week. I already have most of the first 100 made up with on/off switches. It really didn’t take as much time as I thought it would.

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Made by Mom: Decor

Have I mentioned my crafty mom? Here are a few more decor projects she put together.

The silk/dried floral arrangement for the top of the trellis/arch thing that is being built.

A topiary (a second is in the works) they will probably be put on the food table.

The first round of ivy for the inside of the tents. There will be LOTS more of this to come.

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Dress for Miss G!

Finally!! Miss G officially has a dress to wear. The lovely lady that did my alterations made Miss G a dress. It kind of matches mine. The material is as close as we could match and she even had some cobalt/royal blue tulle to put under the dress.

We had just stopped in for a quick fitting after dance class on Monday, so ignore the black leotard under the dress.

The seamstress is putting in the zipper and hemming the skirt. It has already been paid for, so I just need to pick it up today or tomorrow.

Now we just need to find the princess some shoes to wear. She want heels! Heaven help me she is such a girly girl!

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Dear Single Wedding Guests

We love each and everyone of you, really we do. We want you to be with us on this very special day, just as we want the other guests we invited as well. I promise there will be other people at the wedding you know. There is no need to bring a date. This isn’t your high school prom, it is our wedding. There is also no reason to throw a hissy fit when we ask you not to bring a date. Why do you feel you need to “cancel” your RSVP? I thought I was clear when I addressed the invitation to YOU. Just because the RSVP card has 2 lines, doesn’t mean you can have a guest. I am sure this will all make sense when it is time for you to plan and pay for your own wedding. Hope you will change your mind and come!
Mr & Soon To Be Mrs

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Bridal Shower for Two!

Two weeks ago three of my closest friends threw Miss G and I a bridal shower. I will honestly say that for a while I didn’t think I was going to have a shower. I don’t have a traditional bridal party and since it is my second wedding a lot of stuff gets forgotten or pushed to the side. In one of my few Bridal Meltdowns I told my bestest friend ‘A’ that I didn’t think I was going to get a shower. What happened next was VERY kind and considerate of her, but completely unexpected. Not knowing my entire group of friends she went to my Honorary MOH and asked her take the reigns. MOH J did just that, and got 2 of my other friends B & C to help as well.

Walking in the front door of my friend B’s house we were greated by an adorable little table all decked out with photos of our family.

Around the room there was a few more by the food

and by the drinks. As a quick side note these adorable infusion jars will be used at the wedding as well. I think they need cute little signs – Bill thinks I am insane LOL. If you look close you can also see our pics on the side of the fridge!

One last picture and a beautiful floral arrangement on the dessert table. I think I had one of each kind! Oops!

We had a nice intimate number of friends and family. I was very honored by all that were able to come. After a few fun games (that all involved writing so Miss G couldn’t really participate as much.) She and I opened presents

beautiful serving plates from my SIL

a honeymoon basket with rose petals, candles, champagne, chocolate & the Love Dare book

our new dishes courtesy of one of the ladies at the church

one of my favorite gifts – a quilt & sham set with embroidered sunflowers!

my friend C made the rehearsal bouquet.

Of course Miss G modeled it for me.

It was one of the best ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. With friends 🙂

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I will be honest … It took me a while to actually follow through with this photo shoot. There is not much in bride blogging land about embracing your size the way it is. I have seen very few plus size brides talk about and/or post their boudoir photos. I wanted to post some of the proofs to try and break that trend just a little bit. My own little rebellion if you will.

I took this leap with my Honorary MOH. She will be celebrating her 3rd anniversary at the end of September. When I told her my idea for this photo shoot (over Margaritas of course) she was completely onboard! She made me feel comfortable in turn because she is 4 months post baby and still trying to find her new self.

I searched for flattering poses. I shopped for sexy underthings that I was comfortable in. I even struck a deal with the receptionist at the ONLY local hotel with jacuzzi suites (even though we didn’t end up getting one). In the end I think I have enough poses that I want to put into a little black book for Mr. B.

If I could do it again I would bring drinks, music and more props.

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