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Later today I will go and pick up our completed invitation suite! As I mentioned before, our invitations were done by Lisa at Mementos. I can not recommend Lisa enough, she did an amazing job and I love them! For those that are interested, we chose the Gabrielle and Austin recipe from Envelopments and then Lisa customized it to match our color scheme.

This is the final wording for the invite:

Through marriage we are given the gift of
a new beginning, a new family and a new life
Little A and Miss G Last
invite you to share in their joy
as their mother
First Middle
is married to
First Last
and their new family is created.
on Saturday, the twelfth of September
two thousand nine
at six o’clock in the evening
at the home of Dad and Mom Last
City, Arizona

Here is the RSVP wording:
Please Respond
Please join us for the celebration. Respond by August 28th
____ Yes, we’re looking forward to the party.
number of adults attending ____number of children attending ____
Menu Preferences
#____ #____ # ____
Pollo Al Pastor Carne
(chicken) (pork) (beef)
____ Sorry, can’t make it, but are sending good wishes!

As soon as our guests start to receive the invites I will share the final product. I don’t wanna ruin the surprise for any of our guests that may be reading my blog.


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Signage: Photobooth

Inspired by the signs/posters that Mrs. Cupcake made for a few of the new bee’s, I dusted off my Photoshop and Digital Scrapbooking supplies and made myself a sign.

I didn’t take screenshots for a tutorial but if you are familiar with Photoshop this wasn’t too hard at all. Hopefully you can follow along.

I made my new canvas in Photoshop the dimension that I wanted my finished poster (18×24). I used various text styles to curve the text at the top of the poster. The font I used is called Harrington as is available at FontSpace. To make editing easier the text is split into multiple layers so I can adjust each section as needed.

Then I opened my digital scrapbooking kit from Melissa Bennett called Retro Cocoa that I purchased from Sweet Shoppe Designs. I used the blue and brown background papers, the sunflower and 2 different flourish designs. I used the blue background paper as on overlay on some of the text and used a clipping mask so that the text not only had color but texture as well. I arranged the rest of the elements until I liked my design. As a final touch I added some dropshadows for dimension.

Once I was happy with my design I saved a layered TIFF (in case I needed to edit anything) and then a flat jpeg at the highest level so that it was not compressed.

I used Staples for my printing. I use them for business stuff so I get reward credit. I uploaded my design online and followed the directions to select the finished size, the mounting and the lamination. The total cost was $15.00. Here is the final product on a wooden easel that I bought at the Salvation Army for 75 cents.

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Got Shoes?

I found my shoes, I found my shoes!!! I am so happy that this task is now behind me.

I ordered these Jessica Simpson wedges from a seller on ebay:

but next to Mr. B’s royal blue converse the color just didn’t look right

I was very discouraged. I needed wedges because of all the grass at mom & dad’s house, but I really wanted my shoes to be blue. These shoes had been the only ones that fit both criteria and were in my price range. I sent them back to the seller and went around town looking for something that could work.

At JCPenney I found these shoes.

No, they are not blue, but they are just about a perfect match to my dress. They are wedges and best part … they were only $15!! I can’t wait to try them on with my dress in 2 weeks.

Did you have a hard time finding the perfect shoes? Did you find them or did you settle for the next best thing?

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There are some projects that I just don’t have the time to get done, so instead I give my ideas to my mom and she runs with them and does the DIY for me (love you mom!)

I had this photo in my inspiration folder for how I wanted Miss G’s wreath. My mom used it to create an adorable wreath.

She started with a small grapevine wreath. She softened the grapevines by letting them soak in the sink for a few hours until she was able to unravel the wreath. The one 99 cent wreath that she bought actually made 2 wreaths.

We then had Miss G try them on to see which fit her best.

Then my mom took the left over sunflowers from the pomander and arranged them and hot glued them around the wreath. This picture was taken with the ribbon wrapped around the wreath, but we decided to take that part off.

Miss G will be back on Sunday so she will get to try the finished product on then.

Do you have anyone helping with your “DIY” projects?

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Sunflower Trials

After my successful trip to the dollar store where I found my vases I went on a search for sunflowers. I went to every grocery store in town: Albertson’s, Wal-Mart, Fry’s, Sam’s Club … nobody had ANY sunflowers. I was so frustrated I almost called the local florists in town Monday morning. It is a good thing I got busy and procrastinated making that call because on Thursday dear sweet Mr. B called to tell me that Fry’s had sunflowers for $3.99 for 5 on sale.

After work I made a bee-line across town to the Fry’s and walked out with my arms full of sunflowers. I grabbed 4 bundles of the best sunflowers for a grand total of $17. Not too shabby at all, especially since this was just a practice run. I gave mom and ring and headed over to her house to play.

So … what did I make with my 20 sunflowers??
One short centerpiece

One tall centerpiece

and a bouquet

Here are the centerpieces side by side

I got the vases at the Dollar Store, mom got theses beads at Wal-Mart, but for the rest of the centerpieces I am going to pick up the ones at the Dollar Store. For the small centerpiece I also need to pick up real oasis because the styrofoam we used didn’t hold water. I estimate that each centerpiece will cost me about $10 when I figure in the cost of the flowers. The tall centerpiece took 5 flowers and the small centerpiece is 7 (but I think 8 will look better).

After some cost comparring and calling around we are going to order the sunflowers from FiftyFlowers.com their sunflowers are $129.99 for 100 and they offer free shipping. I also found a 5% off code (BRIDE) so that takes off an additional $6.50. We will need about half for the centerpieces and then I will make my bouquet. The rest will be used on the (cup)cake table, the guest book table, around the food buffet and the bar.

I am glad that we did this trial because I was originally anticipating needing more flowers. I was trying to convince mom that we needed to order the 160 or the 200 quanity lots. Did you find that your trial run helped save you money?

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To Be A Kid Again

Think back, WAY back …. you there yet???
What is your first wedding memory? Were you a flower girl in a relative’s wedding? Did you go with your parent’s as a family to a great big fun party with a lady in a white dress?

My first memory was my uncle’s wedding. I was probably about 10 years old, and my brothers were 8. My Uncle was my mom’s youngest brother, and my favorite Uncle (still is in fact). My mom and Dad were both in the wedding. I remember being in charge of the guest book table. I think I remember wearing a pink dress, but it may have been my mom where the pink dress. It was so much fun!

I know that there were other weddings before (because my mom has told me stories and I have seen pictures). There were definitely weddings after, many in fact since my mom has a big family. I am willing to bet that many of you have similar memories.

So why is it that brides today want “Adult Only” receptions and “no one under 12/18/21” (whatever the age may be)?? Do we brides forget about our earliest wedding memories? Do we get wrapped up in the “perfection” of it all, that we think kids will ruin the atmosphere? I actually saw a comment about a bride worried kids would get kool aid on her. Really??? HOW??

Obviously there will be kids at our wedding. Little A and Miss G are the first kids on the list of course. The other kids are mainly our friends’ kids. Most are around the same age range as my children, with a few toddlers and babies mixed in. For guests that have asked I tell them it is up to them. If they want a night away from the kids that is fine. If they want to make it a family night, that is fine too. I just need to know a number.

We plan to make a kid table, covered in white butcher paper with cute little kiddie bags. I found the bags at Target, 3 for $1 in the perfect shade of blue. With the back to school sales I have hit, I have crayons and blank doodle pads. I also got a box of bubbles at the dollar store so the kids can have fun with those. I plan to plan FOR them, so they have a nice time as guests too. I expect there to be kids running around in the yard and on the dance floor. I am sure some may have to leave early. There maybe a few spills, or a cry here and there. Really is it gonna matter? Does it make me less married? Nope! Not at all. It is just reality.

Hello, my name is Ms. A and there will be kids at my wedding.

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In my effort to reduce costs and stay under budget, I have thought of another item that can pull double duty.

I am already going to have water bottles, that is going to happen regardless. It is Arizona. It is hot. People need water. It is a no-brainer.

Mom & I discussed the need for assigned seating this past week. It will help make sure everyone that RSVP’s has a seat and helps us to distribute the families with kids. Which means we need to have either a seating chart with assigned tables and/or escort cards.

So, I remembered seeing an idea on one of my scrapbooking blogs a while ago and went searching for it to see how detailed the instructions were. This is the tutorial to create a water bottle tag pouch and these are her pictures:

My idea would be to simplify the top portion that goes over the bottle neck. No need for the scallop punch (especially since I don’t have one). I may also remove the additional patterned paper and just keep the pouch a solid color (either blue or ivory). I can preassemble all of the pouches ahead of time and then print off the name and table number right before the wedding. I can either print onto an Avery Circle Sticker or punch them out. Either way it is very simple. I would use lemonade packs in the pouch. Now their name is on their water bottle, they have their seating assignment and their first drink to cool off. I think than is more that double duty … it is a triple duty!

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