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I had been wondering how to make a layout of our “venue” (a.k.a my parent’s yard). I needed to be able to show the rental people where the 3 canopy tents would go. I needed to have something to show the DOC when I go meet with her so that she knows where everything is going to go. Just basic logistics really. I had been hand drawing stuff, but I really needed something to scale.

Enter my mom with her handy dandy Total 3D Home Deluxe computer program. My parent’s have been in a never ending remodel and mom has used this program for years nows. When I told her what I wanted to do, she jumped on her program and started mapping it out. Yesterday she sent me two files, one of the yard and one with the layout for the back patio.

Here is the yard/reception area:

The 2 blue “tent” squares are where the tables will be going. The rental company already told us that 4 round tables fit in each so I found this layout online to help with the table placement and eventual seating chart:

This is what the tents look like from the outside:

We will be seating 10 at each round table, and I was told that our tents do not have the center pole like the first diagram so we will have a little extra room.

Here is the ceremony site:

All the red squares are the white folding chairs we are renting. We I have decided that there will be 50 chairs and the rest of our guests will be standing. It is a short ceremony, I promise. Mr. B doesn’t like this idea. I really don’t see any other way. We don’t want to rent more chairs. We don’t want to have to move chairs from the ceremony location to the reception tents. We also don’t really have the room.

Do you think half our guests will mind standing? Would you be offended if you had to stand? I have been causally passing the word that this is the case, just so there is not a surprise.


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Practicing Petals

The friendor that will be making our cutting cake & cupcakes had some spare time and some spare gum paste so she practiced making sunflowers to go on the cutting cake. Here is what she came up with:

She just put them on a styrofoam base, so the “cake” portion can be disregarded. I think I like the trio of sunflowers. What do you think?

Now I just need to find some ideas for the side decoration. I did a Flickr search for “wedding cake, blue” and found this one that I liked:


Then I did a Flickr search for “wedding cake, sunflower” and found this one:


I have blue satin ribbon that is leftover from another project, so I could give that to the Friendor and then if she can combine the top cake with the ribbon with the arrangement of sunflowers on the second cake we may just have a winner!

Have you turned to Flickr for photo inspiration when Google has failed you??

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At my last hair appointment in May my hairdresser/friendor informed me that she had just found out that she has breast cancer. I was shocked to say the least. She told me the story about how she found the lump, the appointments and then the final diagnosis. I was surprised, shocked and saddened to say the least. At the time she and I both felt confident that the next step (surgery in June) would not interfere with the wedding in September. She truly loves what she does and has basically said that she is gonna do hair for as long as she physically can.


Imagine my surprise to find out this weekend that the results from that surgery and the PET scan have reveilled stage 4 cancer! I was in a state of shock. I didn’t know what to say .. so I prayed. I went to a prayer meeting specifically for her on Sunday evening and was blessed to see so many people around her lifting her up in prayer. It was a wonderful moment and I will honestly say that you could feel the power of God in that room.

We have faith that God will bring her thru this. We don’t know what is in store for her these next few months. If toward the end of August she isn’t feeling up to it, then either she will suggest an alternate, or I will call an emergency back up. I don’t want to do either, honestly. I am praying that she will be healed and strong enough.

In a time like this it feels selfish to think of my wedding, but it is also reality. Have you had your wedding touched by sickness or tragedy??

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Program ABC’s

I previously wrote about my our decision to have fan programs that will serve a secondary function, to keep our guests cool.

Now I need to figure out what to put on the program. I know that I have been to multiple weddings recently with programs and I did have programs at my first wedding, but for the life of me I don’t know what to put on OURS!

Do I recognize our Honorary MOH & BM?
Do I list the kids?
What is the order of our ceremony?
Do I list the musical selections?
DO I thank our friendors?
I just don’t know!

This site gave me a typical breakdown, but we are anything but typical. The Weddingbee Wiki gave a little bit of info on programs. Mrs. Tomato had a blog about Fan Programs, but it was more about style, not content.

Please help me out! What did you include on the program? If you did fan programs what info went on what petal??

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IMG_6871.JPG, originally uploaded by sunflwrdesigns.

Ellie did a fabulous job as a pumpkin in this years performance.

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This has been going around the wedding blogs, so I thought I would pass it on. The more the merrier! Check out what Broke-Ass (AKA Mrs. Meatball) did! She made Bride$hare! As a bride that is hoping to sell off some decor after our wedding in September this is right up my ally!

Speaking of selling … anyone interested in splitting the cost of ivory napkins and tablecloths?

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Light up the Night!

The best part about having an evening wedding is that I can have sparklers! I come from a long line of pyromaniacs … my grandfather, my Dad … heck my youngest brother is a firefighter (they are the biggest pyromaniacs of them all) We have had many parties at my parent’s house with fireworks and sparklers.

I am not sure exactly when we will use the sparklers. One idea is to wait and do them at the end of the night as we are leaving. I am just not sure how many people will still be at the party with many of my friends having kids and needing to be at church Sunday morning. Mr. B has said that he doesn’t want to leave too early either. We could always do a “fake” exit just to take the pictures, which is the idea that our photographer suggested.

{above photos from Sparklers Online Gallery}

Another idea is to have our guests surround the dance floor during our first dance

{Photography by Swensen Photography}


The last idea is to have our guests make a line for our grand entrance, I am just not sure it will be dark enough.

In any case I would love some “fun” photos with them as well. Kind of like these:

{photo from Sparklers Online Gallery}


What are you doing for your grand exit? Would you do a “faux” exit to capture the photo?

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