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I *heart* etsy

really, doesn’t everyone??

My gals over at Sweet Shoppe Designs (a digital scrapbooking community & store) were having a discussion about their fav finds on etsy, and I got sucked in last night by all the wonderful finds. I never posted my favs in the thread because it got too late. I decided to come here and share my finds with you all instead 🙂

First up is Traci Sims Designs I actually know her from the digital scrapbooking community, but she is hanging up that hat and has been focusing on her jewelry designs on etsy. Now I am not having bridesmaids (more on that later) but if I was I would get them these adorable earrings:

{Vintage Blue Earrings}

They are on clearance right now for $5! I would buy them for myself but my holes have closed up and I am too chicken to go have them opened up by a professional.

I love this set as well, and it is only $17.00

{Vintage Style Necklace & Earrings}

She also does custom photo pendants and with them starting at $8.00 they wouldn’t break the bank if you needed to have multiple memorial charms made for your bouquet.

Next up is All of You. She is marked in my favorites for her garters. This is the specific one I have in my fav’s

{sunflower garter}

I want to convo with her and swap out the brown for blue. Still at $19.00 for the set it is well within budget.

Next one my list of favorites is Go Against The Grain for her custom maps.

{Event Map}

I need to have one in our invitations but I am not confident I can make a cute one on my own. For $25 she does amazing work … don’t you think? She also does invites, thank you cards, monograms and more.

Last up in my favorites for right now is this birdcage veil by Pish Posh

{simple birdcage veil}

It is under my $25 max I have set for myself and it does not have any flowers or feathers. I still need to talk to Tammy (my hair stylist) to see if the double bobby pins will work. She originally told me to find one on a comb so it would stay in my hair better.

What are your favorite etsy finds? Have you found any good deals?


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Mission Accomplished!

Mr. B now has a suit!

We were not planning on making this purchase this weekend, but he saw a sale ad for Kohl’s that interested him in the newspaper. Friday night after dinner and before our movie we stopped in. The color was perfect, the fit was fantastic and the price was just right.

that is my dress swatch on the jacket

Mr B trying on the coat in the aisle

wait … that sign says “vest”

I looked all around and there wasn’t any vests on any of the racks. We called over an employee, who then called his manager, to tell us that our store didn’t have the vest. BUMMER

Being the smart shopper that I am I knew I could look online. We walked out without making a purchase, but not before I snapped a few pictures of the suit with a shirt & tie that I found.

That night after our movie (which was really good …. go see Knowing) I went to Kohls.com and found the suit separates:


I noticed online that the prices were now 55% off now because of a special Saturday Sale they were having. They had his size vest, but not the jacket. I decided to just grab the vest online and we made plans to head to Kohl’s first thing Saturday morning to get the jacket and pants.

I made him try on both the pants and the coat to be sure that everything fit.

doesn’t he look so handsome!

While over at the racks I noticed that the shirts and ties were also 55% off so I grabbed them as well and we headed to the register.

The grand total for his whole Wedding Day attire was less than $300! Woo Hoo!

When I got home I whipped out the box of his brand new Royal Blue Converse to be sure the blues matched.

yep they do!

Now we have 2 done, 2 more to go. I think the kids outfits will be harder to find. I am still searching for child size Royal Blue low top Converse. If you have seen any will you link me up. Thanks!

Did your groom buy a suit or wear a tux?

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The Proofs!

This may not be the “Best” way to show off our engagement pictures but it is definitely the fastest. These are scans of our contact sheet. I will get the digital copies after we decide which ones we want and in what sizes.

What I could use from everyone is some help deciding which to use for our Save The Date’s. My personal favorites are #48, #17 and #35 (in that order).

What do you think??

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Getting Beautiful

For our engagement pictures yesterday I went and had my hair and make-up done (of course).

Tammy has been doing my hair since 2004, when she and her family moved to town from Orange County. We met at church in the nursery, our youngest daughters are only about a month apart in age and our older children are about 6 months apart. After a few conversations Tammy and I started talking about my hair. I had been DIY my hair color (not a good thing) and so she invited me out to her house to fix it up. Tammy had worked at a very high end salon in Orange County and had done hair shows and demos, she had even been a rep for a major brand of hair products. She had more credentials than anyone that has ever done my hair. She has officially been my go to stylist since then. She now has a salon at her home. It is a great little studio that her husband built for her.

Thursday morning I woke up, took a shower and didn’t do anything else with my hair or make-up. I took a picture on my way out to Tammy’s so you can all see me “before”

I literally gave her no directions. She asked me what I wanted and I gave a few vague answers “Make my skin tone even”
“Take care of my horrid dark circles”
“Hide a couple chin pimple/zit/red spots”

This is her makeup station in action, I love all her MAC brushes!

She uses all MAC product and wow does she have a lot. She did write down what she used so we will know for the future. I wish I had got a list because I might be tempted to get me some MAC now.

For my hair it was a similar story … I just wanted it to be down and natural. I LOVED how she did my bangs but I though the ends looks a little straight. Normally I have a little bit more “flip” on the ends. It looks great it the photos though so I guess I can’t complain. I know for sure that my hair won’t be that style for the wedding.

Ready for the after??

I really loved my eyes. It took a while to get a good photo of them and the photo below was actually taken AFTER our photo shoot. The make-up held up really well and it never felt “heavy” or “greasy” like other brands have felt.

I can’t wait to show you the engagement photos. Right now all I have is a printed out contact sheet of our 10 favorite poses. We started with about 58 shots from her garden & main street (we didn’t head to the river after all). To get it down to 10 was hard but Jill doesn’t mess around with keeping the “outtakes” she uses that delete button LOL. I am scanning the contact sheets right now so hopefully you can all help me decide which ones we want to order & use for our save the dates.

What do you think? Are these eyes “wedding worthy”?

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Mr. B and I don’t have ANY living grandparents. Not one. I have seen many ways of honoring those that could not be physically present at weddings. I don’t want the wedding to be a memorial service so instead there will be small touches which will remind us of them.

This is my Grandma Ellie and Grandpa George (my father’s parents) on their wedding day.

We will be using their wedding bands. I am already wearing the engagement ring and when Mr. B tried on my Grandpa’s band it fit perfectly. No need for any size adjustment. It was meant to be. They both lost their battles with cancer in 2001/2002. They were together in Heaven for their 50th anniversary. I think wearing their rings is the best way to honor them & their marriage.

This is my Grandma K (my mother’s mother).

I have not yet found a way to honor her. Perhaps a piece of jewelry or a handkerchief? A nod to her pin curls in this picture (although I would want mine much looser)? I also found this option while I was searching, which seems fitting because my Grandma K did have Breast Cancer:



I have to ask Mr. B what he would like to do to honor his grandparents. I think having a few candles similar to this may be an option since he doesn’t have pictures or anything of theirs to wear.


Will there be special family honored at your wedding?

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My mom is amazing

I think she will really like that post title 😉

Seriously she is awesome! My mom has always been very crafty and artistic. I remember watching her paint and make grapevine wreaths as a child, just as a small example of her creativity. What my mom is also good at is parties! She takes the ideas and makes them reality. It is SO cool. You already saw the wonderful job that she did on Mommy To Be’s baby shower. Here is a sneak peak at a few of her others parties and weddings.

These were my daughter’s birthday parties:
Circus Themed Birthday with a Big Top, cotton candy and clowns:

A Wild West Birthday Party complete with pony rides and hay bales:

How about a Princess Tea Party? Yes the girls are eating off real china and drinking from champange glasses!

(my daughter is the princess in the pink!)

This year’s Rock Star party:

What about my son you say?
Here is his pirate party, with a homemade faux cannon and treasure hunt:

And the small but fun Mario Bros Party (I love the hats my mom made for all the kids)

You have seen her yard in a few of the above photos, it is perfect for parties because it is such a large open yard. Which is why we are using it for the wedding. Here is the yard set up for a few events:

My baby shower:

My parent’s 25th Anniversary

Here are some of the detail shots I took at my brother’s wedding in 2006. They had a Napa Valley wedding. Didn’t the cake turn out great? They bought a simply decorated white cake from the bakery and my mom special ordered those gum paste grapes and decorated the cake herself.

Most tables were long banquet tables. She used long garland and then arranged the champange flutes that were filled with the purple wrapped Hershey Kisses.

The guest book table:

Part of the buffet table decor. Mom did the arrangement of ivy & grapes herself

The family tables and sweet heart table. The glass urns had lights in the bottom for some extra twinkle once it got darker.

I don’t have digital pictures of my 1st wedding or my other brother’s Hometown Reception, but they were done just as beautifully. I really have no doubt that mom will be able to help execute all of the wedding ideas Mr. B and I have in our heads.

Do you have a craft friend or family member that is helping with decorations and planning?

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Decision, Decisions

This Thursday Mr. B and I go to have our E-Pics taken. I am admittedly strong arming him into this a little. He isn’t really a “picture taking” kind of guy. I am insistent we have these done because we don’t have that many pictures of us together. We are lucky that I have relationships with multiple photographers in town.

Our last “family” pictures were taken by William F Bulter, who has done MANY of our family pictures & events, including my kids birthday parties. He is the photographer that we have booked for our wedding day (more on that later)

He would have done our engagement photos but I wanted to use another friend that is also a local photographer. Her name is Jill and she unfortunately doesn’t have a website and she no longer shoots weddings. She did however do my Senior Portraits some time ago. I was in a musical this Christmas with her. During our many rehearsals for the musical we talked about her doing our engagement photos when Mr. B popped the question. I literally called her the next morning after we got engaged! It took about a month to get our schedules coordinated, but we found a day. We have discussed the types of photo we want. I definitely stress that we want “FUN” photos. We are going to start in her photography garden that she has next to her studio. Then we will be taking some down Main Street, which has some fun fountains, a lot of architecture. Take a look:



Then as our last location we will go down to the Old Ocean to Ocean Bridge and possibly the river:


So now I have some decisions to make as far as outfits. I was gonna take pics of me IN the outfits, but Mr. B doesn’t take the best pictures. You will just have to help with the use of the pictures from JCP.com.

{blue faux wrap top}

{brown crossover top}

both with a pair of jeans

{Stretch Bootcut Jeans}

and one of these pairs of heels

{Judy Round Toe Pump}

{American Eagle Sling Wedge}

Help me pick which tops go with which shoes. PLUS which top I should use in the garden and which one I should wear on main street/river.

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