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Ms. A meets Mr. B

I am Ms. A and this is the story of how I met Mr. B.

I was working at a preschool, mending a broken heart after pinning over a boy (well more like a man-child) for over a year. I was at the point of just wanting to go out with a man. I wanted to go out and have fun and great conversation. That is when I heard a co-worker talking about her long term boyfriend’s best friend. She was trying to get another co-work to go out with him, but I jumped in and claimed dibs LOL. As I was leaving work that day I left her with my phone numbers and didn’t think too much of it. That is until he called.

Mr. B had such a warm voice on the phone. He was so easy to talk to and before I knew it we had been on the phone for hours. The next night the pattern repeated. We talked about everything … family, work, my kids, likes and dislikes. We just seemed to click. By the end of the week he asked me if I wanted to meet. My heart leaped and I said yes. My ex would have the kids for a weekend visit and I already had plans to get my hair done on Saturday morning so I thought it was perfect timing.

I decided to be safe and meet him at the resturant. On my way there I called one of my friends and freaked out to her. Why was I on my way to meet a stranger? What if I didn’t like him? What would we talk about? A million questions ran out of my mouth from my very confused head. Luckily she was able to talk me down and calm my fears. I hung up and got out of the car.

I had let him pick the resturant. I walked in and didn’t see anyone else waiting. Those few minutes of sitting there waiting for him seemed like eternity. I thought I got the resturant wrong, or maybe I had the wrong time. Then I saw him. Walking up to the door with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. I don’t really know how I knew it was him. I had only seen a couple pictures of him and he had only seen a few of me. I accepted his beautiful flowers and we went and got a table.

Even though I had been freaked out before, dinner was just like our phone calls had been all week. The conversation just flowed. After dinner we walked to the movie theater. I kept wondering if he was going to hold my hand, or put his arm around me, but he never made a move. I could barely watch the movie when it started because I kept thinking how I wanted him to hold my hand!

It was late by the time the movie got out and because it was February it was COLD! I only had a thin jacket on so even though it was a short walk back to our cars I was almost shivering. Of course it was THEN that he finally made his move and put his arm in mine. As we reached my car we stopped and then before I knew what happened I was completely wrapped in his arms as he kissed me. The perfect ending to a perfect evening.

How did you meet?


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Day 56 – The ring

Day 56 – The ring, originally uploaded by sunflwrdesigns.

He asked … I said yes!

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Day 53 – New Hair

Day 53 – New Hair, originally uploaded by sunflwrdesigns.

Time for a new hair cut & color. Nothing drastic this time, just a trim and some new highlights.

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Another Friday which means it is PJ day again for Ellie. Today’s she decided to wear her black dress shoes with her PJ’s. They go together … right?

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Day 49 – In Motion

Day 49 – In Motion
Originally uploaded by sunflwrdesigns

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