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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy (late) Thanksgiving everyone. I wanted to share a thanksgiving layout with you, so I did one with pictures of Ellie last year. We have the WHOLE family at Mom’s this year so I will have plenty of pics to use this year.

and just for some fun some quizzes from the Sweet Shoppe Blog!!

Your Pilgrim Name Is

Constance Hopkins

What’s Your Pilgrim Name?

You Are Mashed Potatoes

Oridnary, comforting, and more than a little predictable

You’re the glue that holds everyone together.


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Favorite New Goodies

I have been on a shopping spree lately at the Sweet Shoppe! There are a bunch of new designers and they have been putting out SO many new goodies. My paypal account probably doesn’t thank the new designers, but am loving everything I got so I am thankful.

Here is a list of what I have purchased from the designers (some was picked up at their personal shops):
Those We Love Collection by Traci Reed
Upper EastSide by Traci Reed & Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Ahoy Mateys by Penny Springmann
A Pirate’s Life Template by Penny Springmann
Coconut Creamer by Laura Deacetis
Tumbler Template Trio by Penny Springmann
Pieces Of You Bundle by Shawna, Micheline & Bree
He Loves Me… by Robin Carlton & Traci Reed

My favorite Product though – that I am MOST excited about is this:

after doing 2 Shutterfly books this month I could not bring myself to put together a Full Sized Calendar – and these little mini ones are going to be a hit.

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My Favorite Layout

Over at the Sweet Shoppe blog they have some fun challenges and sometimes thought provoking questions for you to answer on your own blog. The next few blog will be from those.

First Up – My Favorite Layout

It is SO hard to pick just one. My styles change and what may be my favorite one minute is over taken by a new favorite. Right now my favorite is one that I did for SUAS but I submitted it to a Magazine Call so I can’t post it right now. So here is technically my “2nd Favorite”

I did this layout for SUAS as well, but the journaling on this is very special and that is really what makes it my favorite. When I was scrapping this picture it really occurred to me that I do need to document little moments like this because even though it doesn’t look “memorable” now – in a few years when my mom can’t walk anymore, it will be a very cherished memory.

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Summer Recap

Ok, let’s see if I can do this …. I think I remember how. All I have to do is type write, right? I am sure that no one else is reading anymore since I never post anything. If you do happen to read this say hi so that I know there are actually people out there.

Let’s see …. What we did this summer (In Layout Form)….
She had a “minor” mishap with a pair of scissors. That particular Saturday morning we went and both had out hair cut at my stylist. Later that afternoon I walked out to find a pile of pair in the living room! Yes – that is right … Ellie decided to give herself a haircut! So Sunday after church we went back to my stylist and she fixed it the best she could. It was SO SO SO SO super short. I had a hard time not crying 😦 At least it is starting to grow out now and isn’t quite as short. Here is a layout from the mishap:


While Krystal (the Summer Nanny) had the kids at the park, they got their picture taking and ended up in the newspaper. I big color photo on the front page of the 2nd section!

We had a big family party at Mom & Dad’s. Uncle Bill & his family came to town, as well as Adam & Sara with their kids. Bill was able to join in out fun, so the whole family finally got to meet him. Here are a few layouts

At the end of July we went for a week long vacation to Orcas Island up in Washington. The kids had a blast. I am not gonna share pics yet – because I have a surprise for a later blog post.

Anthony started Kindergarten!! He has alreadygot his 1st report card. We have had a few behavior issues but he gets back on track quickly. He is very good at math (counting, sorting, graphing) He seems so much older to me now. He is pointing out words when we are out places now, and attempting to write them occasionally. Today I even heard him sounding out words on his Power Ranger movie. How cute is that? Here is a scrapbook page of his first day of school:

Mose updates to come in later posts (I Promise)

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