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A week of Ups & Downs

I knew this week was gonna be hard. I had totally prepared myself (at least I hoped I had). I had not expected it to be such a rollarcoaster of emotion though. It started last Sunday (8/13) Justine & Dominic were in town and normally that means lunch after church with Scott, the kids & maybe some other friends. This time we ended up needing to do dinner instead. I decided to leave the kids with Grandma & Grandpa to have a nice evening out with my friends at Olive Garden. I stayed a little bit longer than I should have, and had some ice cream (which I really shouldn’t have) but while in Coldstone, Dominic told me that he had just got the ring and was going to propose to Justine that evening! So I went home to get the kids and wait by the phone for her call. I am so incredibly happy for the two of them. Made a page to show my love:

credits: Thanks Mom! Kit by the Scrapmommie Designers, Sketch by Traci Reed WCM freebie, fonts, MA Sexy and Pookie

There was a planned dinner for Scott on Thursday, but I was having second thoughts about going for various reasons, one being that it was going to be all co-workers. I changed my mind when Scott IM’d me Tuesday night to tell me what resturant he had picked. He then followed up Wednesday night with a phone call to give me the time. Dinner ended up being great. I had so much funny meeting his co-workers and spending the evening with him.

Friday night was the big night … the night I would have to say good bye. Friday night is our normal Bible Study night so I conspired with the leader/host to plan some special stuff for afterwards. We all went to dinner (well the taco stand) and left him at home to decorate. I had picked up the card the week before as well as a cheesecake & fresh strawberries. I also finished up his album – all 16 pages! R put together a little Scott Trivia … which I won 😉 and then we prayed over Scott and anointed him with oil. He really liked the album, noticed him pause at the page with him and I.

The group thinned out a little and left a few of us to play Hilarium, till I had to go home at 11pm. I wish I could have stayed longer, but my sitter asked me to come home so she could go out. I felt bad that she had been at my house 2 weekends in a row so I left early. It was decided that I would bring the kids to the airport to say goodbye to him though. It went really well, I didn’t tear up or anything. I was surprised that Ellie had such a reaction to him leaving. She kept trying to go thru security and finally just stood with her little hands & face pressed against the window watching him walk out to the plane. The best moment by far was right before he walked out and he turned and looked right at me. I headed home after that, there was no need to actually watch the plane take off. I shed a few tears in the car, but nothing too bad. I had a wonderful surprise later that afternoon when he signed on to MSN and messaged me to let me know he got in safely.

Sunday morning without him was hard. I don’t like having to sit alone in service and then it just wasn’t the same with him not helping in my classroom. I tried to keep my mind off him though and went about my normal routine. The kids had a birthday party later that afternoon so we went to Target to do some shopping. How does gift shopping lead to a $90 total at the cash register??

As I was walking out I got a text message from Justine with her new cell number so I gave her acall. We talked for a while about my week, then about wedding plans. Then, she asked me to be a bridesmaid!!! Of course I said yes, she also wants the kids in the wedding. Looks like I definately need to plan a trip to Phoenix now to go to David’s Bridal. I did some looking online, but I can’t wait to see everything in person. The date is set for March 16th. Hopefully I will have a date with me at this wedding.

The party was LOTS of fun. It was at the Gymnastics place in town so the kids ran & played while I sat and talked with the moms. I love these kind of parties. Then it was back home where I finally felt like scrapping a page of Scott & I:

credits: Papers by Faith True from Toddler Boy at Elemental Scraps; Layered Sketch (altered) by Traci Reed, WCM freebie; Doodle by Holly McCraig blog freebie; Silver heart by Lauren Grier from Punky Mom at Elemental Scraps


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A few layouts

I decided I needed to post some updated layouts on here. These are a few of Scott & the kids (well and me). I am trying to get a project finished up for him before he heads over to Iraq, that is what the smaller layouts are for. There are about 10 cards (maybe more) that will make up a little mini scrapbook. It is kind of my going away gift for him, wouldn’t want him to forget about us while he is gone. I was rushing to finish it by tonight because tomorrow was supposed to be his last day in town, but his departure date got pushed back a week. Now I have a little more time to get it finished without rushing. Maybe after the weekend I will actually have a picture of us together to post LOL.

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4th of July – Me, Scott & the kids. Seeing Red (white and blue) by Sherri Tierney at Scrapmommies.com

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Anthony & Scott the same day. Trading Card Album by Amy Bleser at Scrapmommies.com

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Ellie and Scott after lunch on Sunday. Trading Card Album by Amy Bleser at Scrapmommies.com

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