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Home Again!!

I am back from my brother’s wedding/vacation. I was in Northern CA for 12 days. For the most part I had a nice time. There was some family drama before the wedding, but it turned out okay in the end.
Unfortunately I somehow hurt my back before the ceremony. I had been playing with the kids all morning so I am not sure what did it. All I know is that I went to stand up during the ceremony and could barely move. No one had any pain pills though, so after the champagne toast … I just kept filling my glass. It never really took away the pain and I didn’t really get “drunk” I could walk annd talk and function normally. I was just REALLY happy! About half way thru the reception I snuck out and escaped to make a few phone calls. I *think* I sounded coherent LOL.
And here are some photos of the wedding day:

Grandpa and his girl

My little Mafia Man

Ellie crashed after the first couple photos at the house before the ceremony.

Anthony posing outside of the church.

Anthony and Ellie walking down the aisle AFTER the ceremony (they were not allowed to actually be in the ceremony)

My cousin Tracy & I

Gabrielle with the Maid of Honor’s bouquet. This is the one photo I kept trying to take all day long & finally got it.

Oh – and I “caught” the bouquet! I think Angie forgot to actually do it during the reception and there was only a handful of single girls there anyway. So on her way out she tossed it to me.

I have more LOTS more photos from the wedding and from other activities from the past 2 weeks. I am seriously itching to scrap. I tried to on my mom’s laptop but it just wasn’t working for me LOL.


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